Recognition of Prior
    Experiential Learning (RPEL)

Latihan Penilaian RPEL
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Congratulations to our RPEL graduates!
They have got their skills, knowledge and experience converted to an internationally accredited Level 4 Diploma from the Great Britain College Consortium in 2 months.

The graduates didn’t have to attend additional trainings or sit for any examinations. All they did was have their unrecognised skills & competencies assessed and to build a portfolio of evidences to be granted a formal qualification. That’s how the Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL) scheme works.

We have 1,500 Assessors nationwide. Those with a minimum of 5 years supervisory experience with 2 staffs can be assessed anywhere within Malaysia.


What is RPEL?

RPEL is a scheme whereby adults can have all of their previous learning recognised. All prior learning are recognised, regardless of how it was obtained – it could be formal (training course), informal (workplace) or non-formal (everyday life) because no one should have to spend time and resources learning again what they already know and can do. 


Advantages of RPEL

For Employees:

  • You will have your skills recognized with a qualification
  • You don’t have to waste time studying something you already know you can do
  • You may have increased career opportunities by holding a qualification
  • You could open up more career pathways
  • You may complete your qualification quicker

For Employers:

  • Your employees can gain a qualification without spending unnecessary off-job training
  • Your employees will be motivated, contributing to higher employee retention rate
  • Your company saves money on unnecessary training
  • Your company will show commitment to continuous improvement and quality
  • Your company’s capability to maintain an up to date skills base

Who is GBCC?

The Great Britain College Consortium is made up of:

•    Cornwall College
•    Cardiff & Vale College
•    North East Scotland College
•    South West College

The colleges are from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland respectively. With student numbers of more than 100,000 and 28 campuses and counting, they are one of the largest further education colleges within the United Kingdom. Together they have over 2,000 courses such as Arts, Business, Hospitality, ICT, Welding, and Aircraft Engineering etc.


Requirements & Fees

•    5 years supervisory level experience
•    2 subordinates
•    Evidences of competencies
•    RM 5,500


Funding Options

•    HRDF Levy*
•    Government Loans
•    Self-Finance

* For HRDF levy-paying companies only


Recent RPL Events

(Perhimpunan Hari Pekerja 2014 @ MITC)

(GBCC August 2014 Concovation @ Putrajaya)

(Graced by YB Dato’ Sri Richard Riot Anak Jaem, Minister of Human Resources at Multipurpose Hall, Ministry of Human Resources, Putrajaya)


(Graduates from Police, Armed Forces, Institut Latihan Perindustrian and SMEs receiving their GBCC scrolls from MoHR Minister,
witnessed by JPK DG, Deputy Sec Gen 2, Deputy Sec Gen 1, NUC Chairman, HRDF Chairman and HRDF Acting CEO)

(GBCC November 2014 Concovation @ Putrajaya)

(Graced by YB Dato’ Sri Richard Riot Anak Jaem, Minister of Human Resources,
Sec Gen, Deputy Sec Gen, HRDF CEO, Cardiff and Vale College Vice Principal and Chairman of National Upskilling Committee)

(Launching of GBCC RPEL Assessment Centre on 29 November 2014)

(Appointment of Universities, Colleges, JPK Accredited Centres and HRDF Training Centres as GBCC RPEL Assessment Centres nationwide)