Industry 4.0 Training

Explore the possibilities of industry 4.0 in training at Mnosys, which depicts the fusion of digitalization with traditional industrial processes. The sole purpose of the training programs that are provided is to upskill and reskill the generation of workforce to enhance the abilities of the workers. Participants will be certified and well trained by trainers who have garnered more than a decade worth of working experience.

We will work with you to characterize your necessities, prepare you for work related projects, develop your skillset as well as provide customized training sessions or programs. We center around creating worker competency so they are decidedly ready to better themselves. Mnosys will shape you to harness your fullest potential through our training programs to ensure a flexible and efficient training experience. We promise to deliver services that offer value to our customers accompanied by great customer satisfaction and experience.

MNOSYS was established in 2013 and aims to be the driving force in terms of training and development of talents in high-value technical competency. The company strives to serve smart industrial needs as well as the local IoT ecosystem. Our primary role incorporates of providing turnkey engineering solution which covers embedded system design, manpower services, testing & validation solutions, training & consultancy as well as trading.

MNOSYS has been serving MNC clients in the northern region and SME clients in delivering essential technical and leadership or management programs. Besides serving our clients' needs, MNOSYS is also working closely with partners such as PSDC, GICT, and HRDF to promote the latest technical certification programs to the industry.

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