Perkosa and EIS

What is Employment Insurance System (EIS)

The Employment Insurance System (EIS) was established on 1st January 2018 by PERKESO to provide income replacement for Insured Persons (IP) who have lost their jobs. IPs who apply to SOCSO will receive re-employment assistance from Employment Services Officers (ESO). As part of their job search efforts, IPs are required to enroll with MyFutureJobs, where they will be matched to suitable vacancies. Eligible IPs can also choose to attend skills training during the unemployment period or after they are re-employed as part of the EIS active labour market program. Know more about EIS.

Terms And Conditions To Apply Employment Insurance System (EIS)

EIS Covers:

  • Malaysian citizens / permanent residents
  • Aged 18-60
  • Working in the private sector
  • Employed based on a contract of service
  • Have been contributing to the fund for a minimum number of months within a specified period of time

To be eligible, you have to meet any of these requirements:

  • Normal retrenchment and redundancy
  • VSS/MSS (Voluntary/Mutual Separation Scheme)
  • Closure of the company due to natural disasters
  • Bankruptcy or closure of the company
  • Constructive dismissal
  • Resignation due to sexual harassment or threats made in the workplace
  • Resignation after being ordered to perform dangerous duties that are not within the job scope

Apply For Training

Under the EIS, you are also entitled to financial assistance for vocational training programmes. This could be in the form of training fees paid directly to training service providers (training fee) and financial incentives paid to encourage attendance at training sessions (training allowance). EIS also runs programmes like the Re-Employment Placement Programme and Career Counselling, which offer support and advice to those who are looking for jobs.

In short, EIS provides vocational training for eligible applicants. Training expenses of up to RM4,000 will be covered by EIS. Training recipients who attend all their training sessions may also receive a financial incentive. Please apply for training HERE.

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